Friday, August 21, 2009

Interview with TV/TV

Recently I got the chance to attend Warped Tour in Montreal as some of you readers know and I was lucky enough to be able to talk to two guys, Camille and Phil,from the great upcoming band TV/TV. They are playing all of Warped Tour (which ends in four days so catch them while you can California!) and are playing an amazing set at the Highline Ballroom on September 18th!

They recently dropped their latest EP, Not Enough Red, and have been playing it all summer featuring some personal favorites like Small Time and Fire Island Freakout. From the interview, I hope to see some of their plans come through to Boston soon enough and I would definetly volunteer to be their merch person! Anyone who is lucky enough to get a chance to work with this unsigned band should take it!
They also post some pretty sweet video blogs every week, with the last being a recent tweet up Seattle acoustic performance they did while on Warped Tour but they've also gone on a six flags adventure, experienced a rough night at a Denny's after party and ate some branded beef jerky.
Definetly a great band that will be blowing up your airstreams very soon so be ahead of the world and listen to them now!
You guys pretty much came on for the whole tour as an unsigned band.
Has that changed?
Camille: That has not changed but you know Warped Tour is like an amazing thing, amazing promotion. Plus the entire country and Canada, where we're here now. It's possible booking agents that we may talk to and maybe start working with because of this tour, um, maybe labels. You know we've been talking to labels over the last few months to a year. Nothing's finalized yet though. Hopefully after this tour maybe labels will take us a little more seriously.

How did Kevin Lyman approach you guys. I know he's bringing a lot of unsigned bands, especially being that you're on the whole tour too.
Camille: Yeah, it was incredible. I've known Kevin since 2005. I did merch on Taste of Chaos so I've known him for a little while. I gave him a cd back last summer and also our manager talked to his assistant a little bit in the fall when we did a fall tour. We invited his assistant out to watch us when we were on tour in LA at the Knitting Factory. She came out and saw us, picked up a cd, gave it to him, and he put it together for us and next thing I knew I was screaming on the phone when I heard we were playing the whole thing. It was incredible.

Have you guys ever wanted to play Warped Tour in the past?
Phil: Growing up in the local music scene, that was always like the ultimate dream.
Camille: Yeah I mean where we're from Jersey where there's like so many bands, so many local scenes, playing VFW halls and basically now a days that's one of the only places that kids can play at. VFW halls, college shows, and just like you know run down bars and music venues and every single band when you're fifteen and sixteen, like all you do is just dream of playing Warped Tour whether it's like one date, one week, two weeks. You know, you take whatever you can get so this is definetly a dream come true.

Coming on this tour, there's a lot of bands on this year's tour that are classic on it, like NOFX, Bad Religion, Flogging Molly. Have you come on this tour wanting to see any bands or are there any bands on this tour you were really excited to hear about?
Camille: Yeah, I definetly wanted to see Bad Religion. I mean they are musicians, vocalists, songwriters, a favorite of mine. I really like watching Underoath. We both like Senses Fail a lot, they're from Jersey so that was definetly exciting too, they're definetly some Jersey comrades.

Kind of a random question, but I was on youtube the other day and I came across your channel. There's one with a big piece of beef jerky, do you remember this?
Camille: Yeah, that was all him.
Phil: In the beginning of this tour, we were just stopping at truck stops everywhere. That was in the morning, we hadn't had anything to eat yet, so me and Josh decided to buy this big jerky, it was like branded and it's disgusting. We ate it though and it was pretty good. I liked it, he hated it.
Camille: No, I don't think Josh liked it. I tried a piece, I thought it was pretty good! Super..jerky.

So I know you guys make youtube videos and you guys have all your songs up there. Do you think, for you guys personally, the internet and the social media going on helps you guys?
Phil: Well, I think that the internet is obviously sort of an advantage for bands now a days. We definetly take advantage of it as much as we can to reach out and connect but it's also kind of in a way to distinguish yourself. You want to have a personal relationship with your fans and not just be another band who has a myspace because everyone has a myspace.
Camille: Yeah, it's weird like-
Phil: We try to work really hard-
Camille: It's so weird because I think after the days of being thirteen and fourteen, or maybe even like ten, like before the internet was the means of networking, I can't imagine how so many underground punk bands circulated back in those days, in the eighties and the nineties. I mean, I know there was a lot of word of mouth and like scenes but I can't imagine how without the internet. It's crazy.

Can we look forward to anything new coming from you guys after the tour?
Camille: There's a new CD out now. We put it out last week. There's like four new songs and we pressed hard copies for the tour. So four new songs with six older ones, in a hard copy.
Phil: And it's up on myspace, and up on iTunes. It's obviously on myspace! You can actually purchase it on iTunes.

What do you think is going to come of the hard work you guys have been putting in on this tour and so far?
Camille: You know, either helping us out in their local towns or maybe we'll find an awesome, awesome merch person to come on or maybe find an awesome guitar tech.
Phil: This will give us an opportunity to go places we haven't been before. Montreal? It also gives us that option that now we can come back because we've touched down.
Camille: Definetly helps. We've done a couple tours. We started touring in September and basically like all the smaller or larger towns that we hit back in the fall, it's kind of funny because when we hit those towns on the Warped Tour, we kind of notice the amount of people that come back. Our crowds are a little bit larger so the next tour, people who saw us at warped tour will come to our next tour and it just keeps growing just like that.

You can find more of their music here

UPDATED: Literally just found out that they boys signed a record deal! Congrats!

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