Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Skylit Drive is the six member band coming from Lodi, California that has been rocking the Warped Tour since June in Pomona, California. They recently put out their second full length, 'Adelphia' and will be going on a few dates in Europe post Warped Tour while right after opening for Senses Fail in the fall around the US.
Recently, at Warped, I got the chance to talk to Nick Miller, who plays one of the two guitars in the band along with Joey Wilson. On that rainy, rainy day Nick was nice enough to do the interview where we talked about the catering (a common favorite topic on Warped!) to another dream coming true for him this fall!

Are we on?
I'm Nick from A Skylit Drive.

How's Warped Tour been so far?
So good! Yeah, it's been a lot of fun. Tons of work, tons of parties.
You think you'll able to make it for the rest of the tour?
Oh hell yeah, of course. I don't know, I might not actually but I'm gonna give it my best shot.

You're gonna try? What's been your favorite memory of tour so far?
There's a couple I can't remember that were probably really awesome.
but the ones you can't remember are the best sometimes.
I mean, playing and hanging out like theres' been a couple shows that have been like the best shows of our A Skylit Drive careers but especially like hanging out. This is such a good opportunity to meet so many people that come to shows. Good times!

Is there anything you're really looking forward to on tour? like any big bands?
Well, every single day is like a dream come true to me so. I've always wanted to be on Warped Tour so I guess I look forward to every day. I can't sleep at night every night because I'm so excited for the next day.

That's awesome. Have you ever had any surprises in your set? Do you think you will in the future?
Yeah! Well like, it's so crazy because there are so many bands that I look up to, that are watching me play. They'll be standing on the side and I'll start getting so nervous I don't want to mess up, you know.

Isn't that awesome though?
Oh yeah! It's very cool!

How's the food?
Oh, so good! I think I've gained like ten pounds already. All I do is eat.

That's great! What's going on with your music right now?
Well, we just put out the new album so we're on tour a lot right now. We're going to do another tour a few weeks after Warped Tour then we're going to Europe so we'll be busy. It's always non stop for us.
Is there any place that you've always wanted to play?
Yeah, actually everywhere in Europe. It's our first time.

Awesome. Are you touring with anyone that we'd know?
I think we're going, honestly. I really never know what we're doing. I get a phone call like 'Dude, we're going on tour' 'Alright, sweet.' No, I dont really know what the deal is, I just know we're going to Europe.

You can find more of their music here and can catch them at the famous Harper's Ferry on October 24th for all you boston people!

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