Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The continuation of the know your canadian indie scene..kind of. The MIdway State!

They may have been the topic of my last post on the Canadian Indie Series on Mix and Mark (believe me, there are more interviews coming with Stereos, The Artist Life and The Envy to whet your appetites) but they have just been incredibly active lately.
That includes working on their next record and like the last time they were making new music, they have begun to do that again. The musical genius that I got a closer look thru the interview Kalli and Sarah did with Nathan at their last date in Montreal makes me more excited every day for what is to come from their time in the studio. Hopefully time that brings them back to Boston so maybe I can actually talk face to face to the person I've interviewed throughout my time as Mix and Mark multiple times.
Cross your fingers & check out the update below:

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