Monday, March 1, 2010

Goal for 2010: Interview the bands that you should know in 2010..according to Alt Press!

I've been talking for the last few months about how I really believe that if I put the work in, this can truly be my year and I think it's already happening! To think that it hasn't even been a year that I have seriously been putting in the effort...Warped Tour was actually my first in person interview experience ever and I have been lucky enough to sit down with so many bands since including just yesterday talking to Alex and Toby from Sparks The Rescue. I have interviewed bands like The Maine, A Rocket To The Moon, Hellogoodbye, Lights, The Millionaires, Breathe Carolina, Cash Cash and just so many more!

Lately I've been listening to past recordings I have on my trusty little recorder. It has 96 recordings on it and dates back to August 15th which besides Warped Tour is when I really started getting into doing in person interviews and learning the effort it takes to set these all up for myself. Since then has definitely been a learning experience, but I taught myself that if I take the iniative, I can do whatever I want to do. That has led me to my goal for 2010 and that is to interview at least fifty (be it email, in person or phone) of Alternative Press's bands you need to know in 2010. It's not an easy task considering the level of bands on it (the list includes acts like There for Tomorrow, Sum 41, Hey Monday and NeverShoutNever!) but I believe that with the help of Music Remedy and Eastscene which are the two other publications I work with, it could definitely happen!
I've also decided to do video updates of my progress which can be found on a youtube channel I am working on right now so keep updated on the going ons and besides those interviews, I will also be out at other shows as well!

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