Thursday, September 17, 2009

Meet Val Emmich.

Val Emmich is someone who you may have heard of if you're a fan of Ugly Betty or are one of those kinds of people (hey I'm included in this!) love any good American Girl cover, the classic hit from Tom Petty and the Heart breakers but Val isn't just these things.

As talked about in our interview we did, which is coming your way next week, American Girl was something he did in his role on Ugly Betty but there is way more in his music rotation. He released the album "Little Daggers" in 2007 and is in the studio right now working on his follow up album. He has ten tracks available for streaming on his myspace and his name has been talked about all over the music industry these days. Be one of "the lucky ones" and listen to the wonder of Val Emmich before he takes over the world! Did I mention he's been acting for eight years now, including being Betty's current love interest and work on 30 rock and Cashmere Mafia in the past? He also just finished his first novel and his love of words clearly carries on to his lyrics.

Check out a studio diary he just put up today and look for my exclusive interview with Mr.Emmich next week!

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