Monday, September 28, 2009

Mix and Mark love's their all time low!

Blowing up the charts the past few years, All Time Low are arguably one of the biggest forces in the alternative music scene lately. Making fans out of adults and kids at the same time, Alex, Zach, Rian and Jack are making a name for themselves. The boys have been working for where they are now since high school and recently reached number four on the Billboard 100 with their latest album 'Nothing Personal' including the hit singles Weightless and Damned If I Do Ya(Damned if I Don't) and are currently touring the UK before they come back to headline the first ever Glamour Kill tour, bringing out fellow friends in We The Kings, Hey Monday and The Friday Night Boys!

They have been on tour for as long as I can remember, and seem to never stop doing what they love! A while ago, I was lucky enough to sit down with Jack Barakat, who plays guitar in the band, via the inter webs and we talked everything from how grateful they are for how far they have come, the friends they can count on and their excitement about playing the Glamour Kills tour, a line that has been so supportive of them since the beginning!

You guys just announced that you'll be headlining the first ever Glamour Kills tour along with We The Kings, Hey Monday and The Friday Night Boys. I've seen you guys play on a tour before with Hey Monday and I know you've toured with We The Kings in the past. How does it feel to be able to tour with these bands again and are you excited for the tour?
Yea we are so excited, Glamour kills has always been so supportive of our band and we love them to death....Touring is so fun no matter what and it just makes it that much more enjoyable when your able to be on the road with bands/friends you love to hang out with and watch each night. We are really excited for this lineup.

All Time Low seems pretty much always to be on tour. What’s your favorite part about touring and what’s your dream city to play that maybe you haven’t played yet?
Yea we definitely have been on the road a lot in recent years, the thought of being able to play music each night and hang out with your friends is an absolute dream come true and we couldn't be more stoked. There's no better way to connect with the fans than to play live and get to meet a lot of them. We have actually been lucky enough to recently go over to Australia and Japan which I know we all always wanted to be able to go play... We would be excited to play any new city/country that would have us!

I know, Alex does YouTube v-logs and you guys have a pretty wild Internet presence. How do you, personally, feel that the Internet has affected the success of All Time Low?
This day in age things are so different with being able to market your band....we used to have to go hand out CD's at local shows or hand out fliers at the mall whereas in recent years you can just send a link and add friends onto your myspace page. We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to have more kids be exposed to our music online then we had every imagined which most certainly helped us as well as many other bands out! Being an unsigned band and then on an indie label the Internet helped level the playing field with bands that had TV and radio exposure.

You had the honor of being AP Magazine’s band of the year, and also being on the cover already three times this year alone. How does that accomplishment feel? Did you read the magazine growing up?
Yea we were always big fans of the magazine, we used to always pick it up and read it at the local book shops so it was such a weird yet amazing feeling to walk into a Barnes N Noble and see our face on the front cover. Very surreal and we're grateful for all of the support the magazine and its readers have given us.

You guys just dropped your latest album “Nothing Personal” on July 7th, where it debuted at #4 on the Billboard 100. How does it feel to reach that height at such a young age?
We are all so excited and proud with this new record, it's most certainly our favorite album we have made to date and are so stoked that kids came out and picked it up and enjoyed it's a great feeling knowing that someone goes out to purchase your music, let alone that amount that propelled us to being on the upper half of the billboard chart and we couldn't be more thankful! I know I said it earlier but it's just another very surreal thing to have happen. We keep thinking it's a joke ha ha.

Unfortunately, it is often said that bands that have a close connection to already established acts like Fall Out Boy and Blink 182 only become famous because of those connections. Cobra Starship, a past tour mate, even wrote a song about it. You guys are obviously established because of the hard work you have put into your dreams but how do you deal with the critics on this issue?
No matter what you do there will always be those who hate or doubt you.....we just love to play music and do our thing and have been blessed to have the opportunities we were given but we most certainly worked hard, hit the road and worked our way up like many other bands. All you can really do is be true to yourself and your fans. I think it's awesome when bands can help out other up and coming bands they believe in by taking them on tour. We definitely did our share of DIY type club tours and worked our way up from 10 people being there to know being fortunate enough to tour with bands such as FOB and play in front of tons of people.

You guys are playing a slew of dates right now on the Warped Tour like you have for the last few summers. Are there any bands that you are trying to catch the set of on this tour? Any bands that you were surprised by?
What’s your favorite memory thus far on this year’s tour or of the past?

Warped Tour has always been such a blast, just being around so many great friends/people each summer makes it such a great tour. This lineup like all the previous years has a lot of different options to choose from....bands like every avenue and The Maine as well as Underoath andTthe Devil Wears Prada. There is so much diversity which is the beauty of Warped Tour. This best thing has just been reuniting with old friends and becoming close with bands we haven't had a chance to tour with before like Less Than Jake, and Underoath.

What are your future plans after warped tour?
We're headlining Europe in Sept/Oct with our friends The Audition and then doing the GK tour in the fall. Some really cool things being discussed for 2010 so keep an eye out.

I just want to say thank you to Jose Martinez from Earshot Media for setting this up and to Jack Barakat and the rest of the boys in All Time Low for being who they are and taking the time out to do this interview! You can find more of their music here on their myspace.

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