Sunday, September 13, 2009

MTV Video Music Awards..starting now!

Being the music fanatic that I am, I can resign myself to live blogging the pre show but I will be way too into the actual award show once it begins to be able to focus on it, but for now here is the pre show live blogging. you can go here if you want the live show:

starting comment because I don't have the time stamp but a pretty skivvy quote from Katy Perry with Sway: "Don't touch my tittay!"

7:41 pm Watching the VMA America's Best Dance Crew presentation before, not even close to the performance they are emulating.

7:47 pm 1) Pete Wentz being the typical show off that we have grown to love.
2) The beautiful commercial montage with Russel brand, Cobra Starship, Taylor Swift,
Katy Perry and Pharell Williams among others. :)

7:59 pm Just saw a shot of Kanye West with his girlfriend. She could have at least worn a dress, not a body suit.

8:00 pm Lady's Gaga outfit is insane but definetly something we expected. LOVE HER.

Yeah sorry done with time stamps. Just read it as goes, it will be funnier that way.

Idols on the VMA red carpet now doing a little interview...Green Day! Great guys, and ones that are definetly not going any time soon as we have already seen in the past years!

Love the call out to the Michael Jackson "performance" Kissing Lisa Marie on stage?

Amanda Bynes looks adorable, definetly madea good choice in the little black dress.

Nice companion in Kermit the frog, Gaga knows how to never disappoint.

Shakira's dress looks really pretty, the whole outfit, very sparkly.

Nice entrance Pink!! that dress looks gorgeous but really familiar to Shakira's?! AND CAREY

I love how Kermit is just hanging around with his "girlfriend" and gave her back her credentials. She NEVER disappoints. She's a grand dame! "Miss Piggy has been sending me some pretty funny text messages. She was wondering if it was going to be another late night."

Hello boys! 30H!3 is backstage access, love them. "You cuddle nicely."

Amazing presenter to do the breakthrough award :)

Amazing arrival by Taylor Swift. Love Tim's intro and definetly fitting exactly to who she is. In her little horse ridden carriage. And such a pretty dress.

Who is this Justin Bieber kid? I'm guessing it's pretty nice that he's fifteen and he's on the carpet and stuff but yeah for Diddy. Definitly pretty nice.

Normally, I wouldn't be a fan of the dress Alicia Keys is sporting but shre really works it. And definitly fits the sparkly requirement, very classy earrings too even though normally they don't fit that bill.

Perfect note to finish my live blogging on. The Cobras make their depature at the red carpet and get this asked "Who would you take on your tour bus from the VMAs? Taylor Swift because she's too good and we need to make her go bad!" Look at mister smarty pants on my feet Gabriel Saporta..hoping they pull out a win tonight!

JLo is looking gorgeous with Marc Anthony..or maybe it's just him?

Yeah right Jermaine doesn't know what's happening during the Jackson tribute. He's just being his sly, normal self.

Just saw the 'this is it' documentary twenty second trailer and can't WAIT for it.

Yeah for Ijustine, keeping up on the twitterverse. Definetly a same dress snafu but what are you gonna do?

Yeah JLo is releasing a new album! her dress, not the same feeling but still glam as we would always think of her.

thanks for reading guys, including viewers from Spain, Argentina and Egypt! ENJOY. things like what Kanye West just did are the reasons why I will keep this up on live blogging for the night. Not on everything though. For all that missed it, taylor swift won best female video of the year and instead of letting her do her award speech, her acceptance speech, Kanye West jumped up on stage, grabbed the microphone and said "Sorry Taylor, but Beyone had one of the best videos ever," while Taylor just stood there shocked. Props to her violinst Caitlyn standing up for her in the audience when Kanye got off the stage. stuff like that just makes him hated more.

That's what you get when you do a show live and they have to cut to ads.

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