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With their hit single "She Is Love" taking over the radio charts and the song being featured in the new Nivea commercials, Parachute is a band that isn't disappearing any time soon. Will Anderson and the band have come very far, and have toured with acts like The Script, Secondhand Serenade, OAR, Duffy and Matt Nathanson, along with jumping on with Kelly Clarkson this fall.

They even played New Year's Eve where the other acts included Jonas Brothers and Taylor Swift. They are unstoppable and are making new fans everywhere they go.

I recently had the chance to sit down over the phone with the lead singer of the band, Will Anderson and we talked everything from how to describe their own personal sound to his favorite treat that really makes his day. Read on for more about the band and after the bump, instead of the typical video, see a fellow interview I love about clothes they like on girls, and what they don't like. Be aware!

If you could pick any three acts to tour with, who would they be and why?
Weezer, Ben Folds and U2 are my three. That would be awesome. We're big fans of all of their music, we just really like their sound, been listening to them a long time. So those three would be a dream.

You guys just released your debut album, "Losing Sleep", a few months ago. For someone who may have never heard of you and picks it up, how would you sell it?
I would say it's more like melodic pop rock, really comes down to the songs, catchy tunes you know. We're not trying to be really cool indie rock and you know, that's just kind of what it is so for us, we're very excited that people are responding to it, having it be something people have latched on to.

Is there something about your songwriting process that may make you different from other bands?
Yeah, I think we try to with the music itself, the instruments usually evolve, kind of fit the part naturally and the songs, I think are a little different then a lot of bands out there right now. Kind of different from the stuff you hear on the radio. If it's something really successful, and they've heard it before they may hear us and think 'oh it's a little something different'.

Great! Are there any albums this year so far besides yours of course that stood out to you, as a favorite?
The new Scenic album is amazing. I think it's one of my favorites and Passion Pit's album is one of my favorites as well so those two are the ones that the band really latched on too.

You guys played in Times Square on the New Year's Eve Special. How did that feel?
It was crazy, it was amazing, it was cold! It was something we never really though we would get to do and the experience was really great so it was definitely something that was very unexpected but very very awesome. Playing with those guys(the Jonas Brothers), they're huge! They're super stars so no matter how extreme or crazy the randomness of it made it something that we'll definitely never forget.

Awesome. Do you have a favorite song to play live right now?
Lately, it's been Ghost. I think it's just like pretty much our idea of something that we want to pursue that kind of sound and it's definitely where we are. That's the last song we wrote too so it's special. It's definitely our favorite song to play. We all really enjoy the song so it's definitely our pick.

Do you have a favorite venue that you like to go back to or a dream venue for the future?
The venues we go back to, we love the clubs in Sunset LA. We love the Vice Room, the Roxy. Those are two classic clubs that we really enjoy. In the East Coast, we love going to New York for the Gramercy Theater, Highline Ballroom. Those two are the best as well.

Awesome. Are there any music plans that we can look forward to, maybe something to know about after the Kelly Clarkson tour?
I'd say, we are going to do some holiday tunes. Some of our songs turned into holiday songs and we decided to record it and release it so we're really excited about that. Think we'll probably do traditional songs too as well, going to put that out then in the new year, I think we're gonna do a headlining tour which will be fun and I think just keep grinding away on the road!

What's your favorite treat?
I love like Twizzlers. Yeah, that's totally my favorite. Kids go on my twitter, read about me eating them all the time. Those are the greatest days of my life.

You can find more of their music on their myspace and the video I talked about below:

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