Friday, November 6, 2009

All The Pretty Girls on a Saturday Night!

Yeah! It's been a long time in the making, as were a lot of music videos I was particularly excited for this fall (A Skylit Drive, new 30H!3 remix..) and now Fun's "All The Pretty Girls" from their debut album as a band 'Aim and Ignite'.

All three boys in the band have splintered off from previous projects besides Jack Antonoff (the lead singer of Steel Train), Nate Reuss (former member of The Format) and Andrew Dost (ex member of Anathollo). This adorable trio have been melting hearts all over the country with their lovable lyrics and fun (pun alert!) live shows. Lucky us, they just released their debut music video for "All The Pretty Girls" and are jumping on the road again starting today in Tucson till the 15th on a headliner. Right afterwards, they are jumping on the road with Jack's Mannequin for a few more dates! Actually, the one (unfortunately) and first time I saw the band play was literally just a few days after they had formed and were out on tour with barely any instruments and were still working out the kinks and it was with Jack's Mannequin!

Here's the new video. I've had it on replay for the last hour, no big deal or anything. Come back to Boston!

Check out their myspace for more and their upcoming dates :)

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