Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This week at Mix and Mark!

...a brand new interview with the great Queen's Club who you may have seen rocking out on the DanceRawrDance tour with some past Mix and Mark favorites in Breathe Carolina and Cash Cash. Last time I saw them was in Cambridge during the tour and they had just gotten signed with Tooth and Nail literally days before. Watch out for the latest and greatest thing out of Kansas City lately here on their myspace and here in the next week!

...the latest artist of the week which just happens to be Mayday Parade! Currently one of the co headliners on the epic AP Ball tour, I recently did an interview with this band to see where they were with everything be it their latest tour plans or the likelihood of being on Warped this upcoming summer...my album review of Twin Atlantic's "Vivarium". It's the debut US release from the scottish based band and is AMAZING. I like to compare them to the UK version of Blink 182 and that's not a bad thing at all! Coincidentally, Twin Atlantic recently got a chance to watch an Angels and Airwaves rehearsal and had the chance to talk to Tom Delonge after (center in the picture)!

also coming up tomorrow I'm meeting Justin Nozuka at his show and interviewing a bit at the show and going to the Forgetful Jones release party this friday in Boston! Have a good week readers and looking forward to what this week brings us in music and life! xo

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