Monday, November 16, 2009

It's been a few days...

but beware! I have plenty coming your way in particular today :)

..Last night I caught the EZ Bronz tour that Breathe Carolina is headlining currently. I have interviewed both of the boys on seperate occasions, with David Schmitt last night and Kyle Even during their last tour with Family Force 5. Their show last night was electric and even brought Kyle to tears at the end of the show when everyone shouted one last song and everyone was singing every word. They OWNED that stage. Cash Cash also put on a superb show like they always do :) I've seen both bands play twice now, within the last two months and hopefully I can catch them again soon.
In a exclusive interview with David (follow him @davidlovesit), he told me that they have another headlining tour and they are doing a little thing called Warped this year. The official announcement will be made in december on the Warped website. He told me the exact dates which he just found out that morning and I promise you'll all get a chance to see them there ;)

I also met some great other bands who will be included in my show write up coming up later today!

...and the NEW GALLOWS VIDEO CAME OUT TODAY. If you know me, Gallows is by far one of my favorite bands which may surprise some people but here it is: 'Misery'. Their latest effort comes out on the 30th so watch out for it!
It is an extremely intense video and once I instantly fell in love with. Starts out extremely slow and picks up like that with some grand shots of the lovely Frank Carter. Hopefully we see these gents on Warped Tour once again this summer as bands are begining to confirm already for this summer's festival. Enjoy :)

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