Sunday, November 8, 2009

The biggest Royals fans I know!

A perfect fit into the DanceRawrDance tour, Queen's Club is the hottest thing I know to come out of good old Kansas City, Missouri. It may seem like the strangest place there is for a band to come out of, but lucky for us they did! Jake Ryan, Daniel Eaton, Andrew Nichols and Tyler Bottles bring the latest bout of electro but with something a little bit extra.
I know I'm not the only one missing the grunge of the early nineties and Queen's Club is bringing it back. The tour was electro all the way with the other acts being Family Force 5, Breathe Carolina, Cash Cash and IRival, and they brought something a little different.

Find below the interview I did with the band in full (and their friend Sarah for emotional support!) after only their fourth show on the tour in Cambridge, MA!

Mix and Mark: So what's with the name?
Daniel: I had just come back from a trip to Taco Bell, and drove back to my house. We decided that I just liked the word Club and Jake liked Queen's-
Jake: That's it! I liked the word Queens and he liked the word club.

Awesome. I know the tour is just beginning, but how has it been so far?
Daniel: It's been really awesome. I mean I didn't really know what to expect but it's been even better then I expected. Like the crowds have been really cool, that's great for us. I only have good things to say and the other bands are really cool.

Have you guys gone on a national tour before?
Daniel: Not a full run like this one. This is our first like hitting every spot tour.

If you could tour with any three bands, who would they be and why?
Jake: I'd tour with Selena Gomez.
Andrew: Or Taylor Swift.
Daniel: Jonas Brothers would be a great tour.

What have been some of your favorite albums this year so far?
Daniel: Dirty Projectors is really good.
Andrew: Did that Phoenix record come out this year?
Tyler: Yeah it did!
Jake: I like that Mike Snow record.

What have been some of your major influences?
Daniel: Probably-
Jake: Britney Spears and Metallica probably.
Andrew: Aye.
Tyler: That's pretty solid.
Daniel: Kansas City Royals.
That's not a joke?
Jake and Andrew: No. Kansas City Royals.

What's the first show you went to?
Andrew: I saw Pedro the Lion. That was my first show.
Tyler: That was your first show?
Daniel: It was super rad.
Jake: I can't exactly remember my first show, but my parents have been taking me for a very long time. Well, I don't remember, I mean, seen so many but I can remember this show that definitely made me want to try and play music was, this is really cheesy, but this band called Johnny Q Public? I don't know if anybody has any clue. It's kind of like Six Flags, but it's really Yankee style like, it's called World of Fun and they're playing in a amphitheater and the guitar player's name was Bourne. He just jumped off his full staff and I was like 'WHATTT?'

How did the group come together?
Daniel: Jake and I were playing with another band, The Chariot and we played a show in Berlin. The show was fun, the after party more fun, they were playing dance music and we really enjoyed it. I don't know, I guess that experience, just being like this is really fun. We were thinking, 'Oh we can make this music that people like to dance to'.
Jake: Yeah, I think from that point I met Andy through Tyler and I was like 'man this guy is really talented' and we wanted to try just doing something, anything with him and then Tyler remembered how we had to gone to that after party or whatever and it was really fun. We thought we should try and do something together, kind of just as a side project. We kind of left that band and we really tried to do this thing. Tyler hooked up with us when we started making it for real and I think it's fun. I don't know..I like it.
Tyler: It's a pretty fun time.
Jake: It's pretty cool because these guys are my best friends and usually, I don't know how it really works out that way but it is that way for me.

I'm addicted to? :
Jake: I'm probably pretty addicted to pepsi in real life.
Daniel: I can't stop eating.
Andy: I'll say Kansas City sports teams.
Tyler: Wait! I'm last? Should I just say drugs?
Jake: Nooooooooooooooo!
Tyler: Coffee products. French press coffee.From other countries. I'm a coffee conniseur. Coffee and sand. You can just put those together.

If I had a million dollars I would:
Daniel: Probably try to get a bunch of gear for a studio and I'd probably go back to school.
Jake: I'd probably get married, I'd just need to find someone who'd want to marry me.
Daniel: We probably wouldn't be driving in a van.
Jake: With no trailer.
Daniel: We probably could afford it. We did it by choice. For this tour, we just didn't want to mess with it cause we just get better mileage and we can swing it right now because we only have five guys.

My favorite treat is:
Daniel: Sour patch kids.
Andy: Snickers candy bars.
Jake: I'm going to branch off and say whatever the snickers eggs are because they have like nutcracker shaped ones and they're always way better. They have pumpkin ones during this time of year.
Tyler: I like anything Reese's or cereal? Does that count? Cereal's good, with milk. I don't like it just plain.
Daniel: There are a lot of weird treats going on.

Do we have anything to look forward to after this tour?
Jake: Nope!
Daniel: This is it!
Andy: Nope, when we get a million dollars we're getting married.
Jake: I would build a baseball field with a million dollars too. We wanted to work together on a farm and then build a field of dreams and then some other sports stuff, like have some four wheelers, get our kids riding around.
Daniel: And be married.
Jake: I don't know about that! That was Dan's dream last night!
How about maybe a new album?
Dan: We don't have a official release date yet but it's coming early--
Andy: 2012.
Dan: early 2012 probably.
Tyler: We just signed with Tooth and Nail, so they just put out an EP with a few of our tracks.
Jake: They say they are going to ship us extra copies to sell here so that's out right now. Full length should be out soon.

You can find their music here on their myspace
and hopefully will be back on tour very soon!

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