Monday, November 2, 2009

Song of the day. Pa-Pa-Power!

"No we will not destroy you," along with hand claps and the Silverlake Conservatory with it? No one can deny the greatness of the debut album from Dead Man's Bones and my personal favorite from the album being Pa Pa Power, I decided that it was time to implement the on occasion song of the day to the blog. Yes, lately I've started a million new days/themes/but it's definitely pushing me to update more often which is a good thing!

Pa Pa Power, along with some personal favorites like "In The Room Where You Sleep" and "Young and Tragic" are quickly becoming on constant repeat in my head and I was lucky enough to catch their set about two weeks ago at The Middle East. They just finished a select amount of dates on a headlining tour and hopefully they decide to hit the road again soon!

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