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Remember that Real World episode where the cast picked three bands they wanted to interview at South by Southwest? One of the bands, instead of staying in a typical hotel (or sleeping in their van the whole time) decided to camp out, and the cast had to walk about three miles to get to their campsite do that interview. The band? Hellogoodbye.

Maybe that was the inspiration for the video for their largest mainstream single 'Here In Your Arms'. You've all heard the song and most definitely seen the video where Forrest falls in uninvited love with another camper that climaxes at the all camp dance at the end of the summer or maybe it's just another example of the goofiness, irony, and sarcasm that has come to be known as Hellogoodbye.

Recently I got the chance to interview Forrest, Joe and Travis while they were on tour with Hanson this fall on the 'Use Your Soul' tour. Giving off a different vibe from the other bands on the tour, they had a challenge sat in front of them at their shows, and they rocked them. I got their gig in Boston at the House of Blues and they had the crowd on fire from their craigslist missed connection to their Jacob from Twilight sightings. They recently dropped their new EP "When We First Met" and are taking their time playing around and recording songs.

Their goofiness, friendship for each other and just love for what they do was very present in the interview we did, with memorable moments being their dream tour line up and what they are addicted to! Meet Hellogoodbye.

How's the tour been so far?
Forrest: The bands are great. We're great friends with Steel Train so it's awesome to tour with them again.

What's your favorite part of touring?
Forrest: Exploring new places.
Joe: Indulging in the local culture.
Travis: Being able to truly live our dreams out every day.

Who would be your three dream acts to go on tour with?
Forrest: You want me to say Hanson, Sherwood and Steel Train, don't you?
Joe: Realistically or dream?
Forrest: Realistically, Steel Train, Limbeck and The Beach Boys.
Travis: Well, the old beach boys.
Joe: Dream? Jesus, Oprah and Santa.
Forrest: The old Jesus too?

My personal favorite by you guys is "All of Your Love". What's your favorite song to play live?
Forrest: Personally mine is 'When We First Met' off the new EP.

What would be your dream venue to play?
Joe: Anywhere in Greece.
Forrest: It would be pretty sweet to play a world tour. We've never played anywhere really exotic. I mean we've played the more standard international places like Japan and Australia. I've always thought that would be sweet.
Andy: But really though, there aren't that many venues in Greece...
Joe: Duh, the coliseum.
Travis: Alright. Well besides that.

What are you personally listening to these days?
Forrest: Phoenix has a great new album.
Joe: I've been looking at my top ten lately. It's shaping up to be a good year.
Forrest: I'm heading back to the classics like The Descendents.
Travis: So..classic rock radio?

What would you be doing if you weren't in Hellogoodbye?
Forrest: Wow. That's a good question. I have no idea. Before the band, I was heading towards graphic design but I probably wouldn't have made it.
Joe: Yeah. I've seen his 1998 portfolio.
Travis: Yeah, if the internet crashed and rebooted again, maybe it would come full circle.

Your videos always have a really original storyline be it Forrest running for president to love at a summer camp. If you had to make up a music video storyline on the spot, what would the concept be?
Forrest: Well, we actually just made our new video for "When We First Met". I don't know if you've seen it but it's about me and my girlfriend's hair growing back in like seconds after we cut it over and over again.

I'm addicted to:

Joe: Burt's Bee's lip gloss.
Forrest: You really need to call it quits. I'd say...candy.
Travis: I'm addicted to....
Joe: The night!
Travis: Ok, the night.

My favorite treat is:
Forrest: Best question ever.
Andy: Sweet treats, marzipan, flying saucers.
Forrest: Peanut butter and chocolate together. Every combination!

Thank you to Jose Martinez from Big Shot Media for setting this up, and check out hellogoodbye's sweet sweet melodies and general fun on their myspace.

His costar in the video was in the dressing room during our interview and was just laughing through Forrest's description of the video. Check it out below and see Joe's dazzling choice of wigs!:

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