Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bringing the party to your bedroom with Cash Cash.

Lately, I've been really into pop-punk. It may hurt what people think of me, but no one can fight the excitement and energy of one of these shows. This week alone, I'll be seeing such pop punk favorites as Hellogoodbye, We The Kings, Hey Monday, The Friday Night Boys and All Time Low. Something about these shows just gets the party moving and always makes for a great night!

One of these bands that has a complete control of the crowd while on stage are the talented boys of Cash Cash. Coming at us from New Jersey, an amazing music scene, they have been taking over the hearts of many a fan with such hits like Party In Your Bedroom and Cash Cash. While the boys were on stage, they're faces were constantly lit up with huge smiles and a love for doing what they do. For relatively ninety nine percent of their set, Jean Paul Marklouf was standing on an amp reaching out into the audience and jumping around the stage, even including a dance pit in the set to Party In Your Bedroom!

They are finishing out the last few dates of the DanceRawrDance tour, and about two weeks from now they will be jumping on the brand new Breathe Carolina headlining tour. I was lucky enough to sit with Jean Paul for a little bit in their van before their cambridge show and we talked about their major musical influences to how amazing and surreal it was for them to play the Warped Tour.

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M&M: How's the tour been going so far, even if it has only been four dates?
Jean Paul: It's been really good. We just started but we didn't know what to expect the first couple shows but it's been like mostly sold out. The bands are awesome, and we know Breathe Carolina from doing Warped Tour this summer!

M&M: If you could tour with any three acts on a dream tour, who would they be and why?
JP: Probably Jimmy Eats World, 'cause I love them. Goo Goo Dolls and Britney Spears.

M&M: I've been hearing your band's name all over the place lately. How's the reception been so far?
JP: It's been good. I mean, each tour we can tell we're making new fans and stuff, like new audiences because there are just more people at each tour so I'm stoked.
M&M: You guys just finished Warped Tour in late August. How was it?
JP: Yeah, it was sick. It was like crazy because we always used to go to Warped Tour as kids and then now, to actually be a part of it, see some of our favorite bands, play with a lot of bands we're friends with is just awesome.

M&M: Who are your major musical influences, as a band or just for you?
JP: Probably Michael Jackson. Of course, RIP. Um, Jimmy Eat World, Goo Goo Dolls, 90's grunge like Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, 90's alternative like bands like Third Eye Blind, Gin Blossoms. We like everything like jazz, blues to rock to pop.

M&M: "Party In Your Bedroom" has been huge for you guys, as a song itself. How did that come about besides the innuendo?
JP: It actually just started as a joke. We were just joking around. We just followed thru on it, we started recording it. As we were doing it, we were laughing, because we thought it was kind of cool, this was good. "Where are we going with this?" It just came out of nowhere.

M&M: Have you ever played covers in your sets?
JP: We've covered out favorite bands like Pearl Jam, Jimi Hendrix,Nirvana. What else have we covered? Random songs you know like top 40 songs.

M&M: What has been your favorite album of 2009 thus far?
JP: I haven't really listened to new music. Check out the Love Willows, they have a new album out .

M&M: I'm addicted to__________________
JP: Sour Patch kids!
M&M: My favorite part about playing music is ________________
JP: There's so many. I can't even choose. Just being able to do what I love for a living.
M&M: My favorite treat is_________________________
JP: I like to consider sushi as a treat because its so expensive and my wallet doesn't really like it.

M&M: I know you guys are about to jump on tour with Breathe Carolina once again, which starts right after this tour. Are there any other music plans coming up?
JP:We get to go home for the holidays which is nice. We get to spend it with our families and then we're going to try and demo new ideas. You know, pull all our ideas, our new thoughts, little demos and try to make a little EP.

You can find the sugary tunes of Cash Cash here on their myspace and look for them on tour with Breathe Carolina for the rest of the year!

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