Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The new trailer for 'Dear Jack'.

Most people know the person I look up to most in the music industry, and if you don't, it's Andrew McMahon known from his semi-solo project, Jack's Mannequin and Something Corporate fame a while back now. Right after he released his first solo album "Everything In Transit" with Jack's Mannequin, something horrible happened. In 2005, Andrew was diagnosed with leukemia, a very scary disease and instead of just sitting there taking it, he recorded every part of the process because in his words, he wanted a reminder of how he fought to survive.

Lucky for us, it is now being released as a documentary called "Dear Jack" and the trailer was just posted on Jack's Mannequin's offical youtube and has released some crucial information about it. The dvd will be released on November 3rd and is now available for preorder. The proceeds will go the Dear Jack Foundation so check it out now at jacksmannequin.com/dear-jack!

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