Monday, October 26, 2009

Video of the week.

L-O-V-E is just another word I never learned to pronounce is becoming one of the most recognizable lyrics to music fans lately, especially if you listen to the breakthrough genius of 30H!3 that is happening this year. With "Don't Trust Me" being nominated for a VMA this year for best new artist and the extremely catchy already "Starstrukk", Nathan and Sam are just going to grow more.

As long as I was waiting for the new Skylit Drive video (see it here on the blog), I've been waiting for the Starstrukk video remixed with Katy Perry's vocal chops in the mix. Normally, I'm not a fan of videos being revamped. Hello? The original "Guilty Pleasure" Cobra Starship video was a million times greater then the new one. This video though, is incredible. I wasn't a fan of the two boys just surrounded by legs for almost the entirety of the video and this long awaited clip is definitely the better of the two. Just take a look...

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