Thursday, October 8, 2009

Just a little something that made me smile!

Apologies, Apologies! I just wanted to post a little update post about what's coming up in the next few weeks..

-Interviews going up with groups like Breathe Carolina, Cash Cash, Kill Hannah and A Skylit Drive.
-A full season of concerts. I'll be posting the rest of my October schedule up either tomorrow or Saturday.
-Still maintaining artists of the "month" I'd say is really what will happen, so feel special if I choose you I suppose!

I'm always accepting emails from you guys about bands you absolutely adore that you would like to see featured up here, concerts coming up that I may be interested in, or just if you want to chit chat. You can reach me at and I"d love to hear your input!

Besides that, I'm schooling pretty hard right now and doing the day job deal so be patient with me, just like you always have!
And here's a little something to end on, just because it makes me smile. These boys are grand, and top my list of dream interviews (there are a few!). Meet The Maine guys, and catch them on tour with Boys Like Girls this fall. They are most of the mellow guys I know in the business and are incredibly sweet to their fans! :

Love you all, and thanks for staying awesome! xo

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