Friday, October 9, 2009

'My Darlings, are you satisfied?' Meet Breathe Carolina.

(From L-R: David Schmitt, Kyle Even)
Kevin Lyman just released a statement that he will start putting up bands and cities for my favorite music festival ever-Warped Tour. Hopefully, in those announcements we'll be seeing a little of Breathe Carolina again on the tour after their amazing fun last fall. That's when I first heard about Kyle and David and lucky for me, they just released a new album on August 12th for me to listen to in preparation.

Coming at you from Denver, these guys are looking to be on tour for a few months straight so definitely try to check them out. Currently, the are about to finish out their tour as the main support for Family Force 5 and right afterwards, they find themselves back on the road as the headliner with Cash Cash, a fellow DanceRawrDance band among others.

At their September 22nd date at the Middle East in Cambridge, MA, I got some sit down time with Kyle, who identifies himself as the screamer (and he's damn good a
t it!) and everything was on the table from their influences, to the reception of their latest album 'Hello Fascination' and what he's addicted to!

Why Breathe Carolina?
David just kind of had it pre-meditated and we just threw it out there and just went with it, more than anything. A lot of the things that we do with names in this band, like song titles, album titles. We kind of just go with the flow like we just, we add something, if we think it feels right, we just go with it. We try not to stick on something too hard because it just makes it a little crazy.

Who would you say are your major musical influences?
I mean, me personally just like, as a screamer, I listen to (Spencer) Chamberlain from Underoath, Geoff Rickly. They are my main influences. I know David likes Lil Wayne and stuff like that, bunch of that stuff, and um, I don't know, we kind of find them
from everybody. David was really influenced by Panic! At The Disco and a few other bands like that.

What are you, personally, listening to these days?
We just got the new Drake album. Um, a lot of stuff, Kings of Leon, Bring the Horizon, lots of different stuff.

What's your favorite album of 2009 thus far?
A Day To Remember "Homesick". For sure.

How's the new album, "Hello Fascination", being recieved so far?
Oh, it seems to be doing okay. I mean, in terms of the last album, our new record sales are almost caught up to the other records so it's definitely been crazy. I've been super, super pumped for it, it's been growing! I just hope somebody finds at least one track on there that they enjoy and at least for the old fans, you know because of the old album. No album is ever going to be the same as the old cd. It's always going to be a constant progression into something different. So, I mean, this is just an expansion of ourselves because we don't want to be stuck in one little box for the rest of our lives.

We can do whatever we want and that was our goal. We think we've gotten the point across for ourselves. Ourselves doing it, you know, so hopefully other people can read that and see that that was our intention. Hopefully, it as a good way to go, you
know. Just making new songs, you never know how it's going to be received.

How's the tour been going, with DanceRawrDance?
It's been really good actually. A lot of kids coming out and I mean the vibe is always good and the kids are dancing, and we're enjoying all the other bands and watching them play. Really having fun and hanging out with fans!

If you could take any three acts to go on tour with, who would they be and why?
Probably Blink 182, AFI and I'd say Taking Back Sunday. Something like that, I don't know. That would be fun!

What was the first show you went to as a kid?
My first show was when my mom actually took me to see the Steve Miller band and it was at Red Rocks in Colorado. My first show that I really went to by myself, I think it was New Found Glory, Something Corporate and Finch. That was a great tour! Once I turned sixteen, I would just go to as many shows. I'd just go all by myself, do whatever. I saw Reel Big Fish, by myself, just going and watching shows. The Early November and Alistair a long time ago. I went to the Drive Thru tour too by myself with The Early November, Starting Line, Senses Fail. I was a pop/punk kid then kind of transitioned into a whole bunch of stuff.

I'm addicted to: Burritos and chili cheese fries!
My favorite part of music is: having someone sing the words back at you!
My favorite treat is: Swedish fish. I love swedish fish, I don't know why. I feel like I could eat a whole bag and not really be sic of them.

What we can look forward to, along with your headlining tour right after DanceRawrDance?
Probably some more songs, we tour constantly, you know, people hopefully will look forward to shows, can't say you definitely will, but I'm hoping. I always have to phrase it as hopefully.

You can find music from Breathe Carolina on their myspace
and can check them out on the last week of their DanceRawrDance tour that still has Dallas (tonight!), and the rest of their southern dates. Two weeks later, they'll be on their headlining tour where I hope to check them out once again!

Thanks again boys and Jenny from Fearless Records for setting this up!

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