Thursday, February 11, 2010

Acoustic Rock to Screamo..all in one weekend!

Hey readers!

This Valentine's day weekend instead of the traditional chocolate filled dates and candy hearts, I'll be doing something a little bit different. I'll be out covering the new Alesana tour "The Emptiness", the new Green River Ordinance Tour and the hometown show on Four Year Strong's current tour! During this weekend, I'll be interviewing some familiar faces to Mix and Mark with A Skylit Drive and The Word Alive along with a bunch of first time interviews with the bands We Came As Romans, Of Mice and Men, Sleeperstar, This Time Next Year, Strike Anywhere along with putting the last details on Four Year Strong and Alesana! It's going to be a busy weekend and definitely filled with some interviews that I would love to include some fan questions in!

I started doing fan questions in my interviews with some favorites of ours like Breathe Carolina and Cash Cash and would love to continue this tradition! If you have a question you've been dying to ask for any of these bands, just drop a comment here or give me a shout at!

Thanks again for coming back and posting your views on things happening in music today and let me know who you would like to see more of on here! Also check me out at where I work as a features editor!

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