Thursday, February 11, 2010

Side Projects..and why they are a good thing!

Lately in the music industry (& in this case film), a lot of bands are breaking out into both solo side projects and other bands. The same goes for some actors and unfortunately, fans of these bands are quick to jump to conclusions that it means they are ending their first band, or stopping acting or something of the like.

I had been laying low about it but now it's just making me pretty angry. It first started when I heard about Ryan Gosling doing a band on the side of his acting career. Dead Man's Bones is one of the best bands I've seen live and it's definitely not your typical pop mainstream that you hear from actresses and actors who decide to break into the music scene. Music is where Ryan seems incredibly happy. Zach Shields and him pretty much make a dream team on stage and in their music. Their death themed indie rock sound is so great and when they recorded their first album (which came out October 2009), they recorded it with the Silverlake Conservatory who they now bring on the road with them! What annoys me though is that fans are incredibly naive about it and go to his shows and just stare at him while on stage and don't even really listen to the music beforehand so when they go and see what their music truly is, they don't even really pay attention. A lot of them just shout out" You're so Dreamy!" "Noah Calhoun, I love you!" and stuff of the like.

An example like Dead Man's Bones brings me to my main point here. Side projects aren't the sign of demise of someone's career in the other area of his life. Ryan Gosling has two new movies out this year yet still continues to have his band. For me, I see side projects as where their "real passion" or dreams may lay. Take for example, another actor/musician Robert Schwartzman, who more like triples as the lead singer of Rooney, has a project called SoloBob and acts in movies. He's most well known acting wise for playing Michael Moscovitz in The Princess Diaries but this film came out like eight years ago and yet at their last show I saw them at in Boston, some idiot in the crowd yelled it out. It's also rumored that he will be filming a new movie soon which also includes his brother but it's not stalling his part in Rooney. Taylor also has started a side band called The Roughs and they are fantastic. If someone was a real fan of the band, they would know that the band isn't coming to an end. They just released their new EP 'Wild One' and have also finished their new full length. It just hasn't been publicized as much since they got dropped from their record label but they are so motivated in working to play as many shows as they can and to release this album. They would not be working this hard if they didn't believe in the band. It's a problem a lot of bands have found lately.

Recently, someone posted on the rooney forum this rant and reason why she thinks Rooney is fading out. No new music? Inform yourself, there is plenty of it. All the songs are amazing and another point she made..the band has more of a part now in the writing and singing? How is this a problem? Have you heard Ned sing? He is so great and takes the leads on Wild One. How is that an issue?

Finally, the elephant in the room. Really awesome fans are saying that side projects are the reason for the demise of Fall Out Boy. I really question your loyalty to the band considering everyone in that band is doing their own side project/band and all are extremely happy doing it. Joe and Andy have the Damned Things, Pete is working on what is sure to be a fantastic deal with Craig Owens and Patrick is recording, producing, doing everything for his own solo album.

Overall, just realize that side projects are never a bad thing. Enjoy them for what they are.

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