Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Meet Sing It Loud!

If you went to the Warped Tour this year, or the Cheap Date tour, or are going to the new Motion City Soundtrack tour, then you probably have heard of this next band, whew! Pretty much attacking the road these last few months, Sing It Loud have been making quite the name for themselves. With their catchy pop punk rhythms and words, they have been becoming a common name in the scene and have no where to go but up right now! They have finished recording their sophomore album which was highlighted by Alternative Press as one of the most anticipated albums of 2010 and are ready for fans to start hearing it!

Sing it Loud first came to be in 2007 in Minneapolis and since then have been steadily growing in part from their debut effort that produced the hit singles Come Around and No One Can Touch Us and have hit the road with a slew of huge artists including Cobra Starship and All Time Low along with their headlining tour Guys, Guys, Guys. We recently got the chance to sit down with Pat Brown, who provides lead vocals in the band and we talked about everything from the writing and recording of their second album to some of their bigger influences.

You've headlined tours along with playing with bands like Cobra Starship, All Time Low and Motion City Soundtrack. If you could go on tour with any three bands, who would they be and why?
Taking Back Sunday, Jimmy Eat World, and Foo Fighters. These are three of my favorite bands that I look up to and try and pull influence from. Touring with any of them would be a dream come true.

Why Sing It Loud for the name?
What happened was we recorded our entire first EP with out a band name. That was the hardest part about starting this band. We brainstormed for weeks about a name but we wanted it to be perfect so we wouldn't settle. We booked an entire Midwest market tour under the band name "The Heat" so promoters would book us. We had a song called "Let Yourself Go" on our EP that had the song lyric "Sing It Loud" in the bridge and we really liked the sound of it so Ben suggested that we steal the line for our name and change the lyrics and that's exactly what we did.

It's rumored that you'll be working on your sophomore album. How do you believe the process will differ from your first album?
We actually have been finished recording our sophomore album since late October. The song writing is a lot different from our debut. It's much more pop music than pop punk. On our last album, Kieren and I wrote the whole thing and the other guys weren't very involved. This time around Kieren wrote a lot more of the album then I did but everyone got to dip their hands into the writing process. We've never had everyone working on all of the songs. It was a pretty fun experience and I think it helped make the overall product more enjoyable for the other guys than just Kieren and I.

Who would you say are some of your major musical influences?
Adam Lazarra from Taking Back Sunday and Ace Enders from The Early November (RIP). They're front men that I would try and look like, sing like and act like all the time being in bands in high school. I've seen both bands so many times I can't even count. They definitely had a huge impact on me. Who would be your dream artist to collaborate with and what would the song be about?
I would want to collaborate on a song with Andrew W.K. and I would want the song to be about partying!

How did the band first come together?
We all came from the Minneapolis area and all played in local bands throughout our junior and senior high school years. We all knew each other from local shows and parties and what not and one night at a local show in Rogers, MN Ben, Kieren and I all told each other that if our bands ever broke up we would join forces and start a new one. That's exactly what happened!

What's your favorite part of the touring experience?
All of the people you meet. It's incredible. Every tour it's like you're traveling across the country and sometimes the world with thirty friends. It's ridiculous. Every tour we do I leave with tons of new friends. It shouldn't be real life but somehow it is.

How did you choose the concept for your video "Come Around"?
We had a huge list of companies and different ideas for our music video. We chose to go with Luke Asa for our music video producer because we loved the idea of us chasing each other around and doing funny stuff in mod suits. Luke killed it. Another reason we really wanted to go with him is because he was newer than the other guys we could have chosen. We felt like this project would mean a lot more to him than it did to the other producers, he rules! if you're in a band, make sure he does one of your vids.

What's been the craziest fan encounter you've had?
Our fans know what we love. It's pretty insane. Like people will be bring me $20 gift cards to Chipotle and Applebee's and stuff. Sometimes they bake us cakes with our name on it. One time in Manchester, UK these fans brought me to a convenience store and bought me every single candy bar I hadn't heard of before, so sick! Our fans rule!

What can fans look forward to in 201o from Sing It Loud?
A brand new sophomore album from us in April, a really awesome tour that we're supporting in April and May. The lineup will blow your mind, and some headlining dates in the future as well in support of our new album!

Thanks again to Josh from Aware for setting this up and to Pat Brown for taking the time to talk to us! Check out more of their music on their myspace
and that tour he was talking about? They'll be out with Motion City Soundtrack, Fun. and A Rocket To the Moon so catch them when they come near you!

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