Monday, February 15, 2010

Quick Rehash of where I have disappeared too!

This weekend was my first major weekend back into the music scene and that's why I disappeared for a few days on here! I did exclusive interviews with a bunch of bands including Strike Anywhere, A Skylit Drive, This Time Next Year, Sleeperstar, Of Mice and Men, Green River Ordinance, The Word Alive and We Came As Romans!

It was great to catch up again with the boys in The Word Alive and A Skylit Drive, and all of the shows I was able to attend this weekend were awesome. I just got back home from the weekend, but I'm working on transcribing all of our interviews. Last night especially was a packed crowd with around 1,500 kids in the audience.

I'll be posting my review of The Emptiness tour later today so look for that as well! To all of the bands I sat down with this weekend, thanks so much for your time! It was a blast to meet all of you!

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