Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Artist of the Week: TV/TV

"The Hives because they are my favorite live band, the Strokes because they are from NYC and are one of our favorite bands, and Empire of the Sun because they are just so fucking cool". Taking a look into who Josh Ocean, the lead singer of TV/TV would hit the road with if they could, a listener could really understand the punk rock lyrics and energy in a typical song and performance from the band. When I caught the band's live set at this year's Warped Tour in Montreal, I was sold almost instantly on their catchy lyrics and high energy show and from what Josh told me in our recent interview, it's even going to get better, "Mayhem, craziness, really cool new songs, a cover or two...just a live energy that hasn't been shown before!" A lot has happened for the band since Warped including getting signed to a major record label and recording their debut album all while being with out an original member and staying true to their fan base that has been behind them for years now.

Coming together thru doing a residency at the popular New York club Pianos, it isn't surprising to hear that their experiences as a band are coming full circle with their upcoming February residency but between these two spots, a lot has happened to this band to really make them who they are today. The band paid their dues putting out two ep's featuring some stand out tracks like Turn Me On and Indie Rock Girl and played the typical basement and hole in the wall shows including some shows at Providence College where Coolio even showed up, "It was absolute pandemonium," and all of this led to their chance to play on Warped Tour as an unsigned band.

Through the tour, they played shows on some larger stages then they were originally signed to do and gained quite a following which may have had a part in eventually getting signed to Mom and Pop records by the end of the tour which is who they'll be releasing their debut album with sometime this year.

The recording process is always an exciting time for a band and for Tv/Tv, it was both something that they have gone through before but that something that was also completley different from the past ep's they have put out. "It has been the most amazing experience. It is completely different from how we have done things in the past. We recorded using lots of vintage gear, tracking in analog to get a more vintage warm sound. Everything is just way bigger, you are gonna have to hear it for yourself. There is no going back," is just a little glimpse from Josh of how the process has been for their musical debut into the world. From watching their tour blogs that they have been posting on youtube throughout the process, I was able to learn a lot about how their recording process went as did fans. From recording in an old abandoned church to traveling to Toronto, the band was able to fully enjoy all the elements of the recording process.

There was something different in the recording of this album though and that was the absence of their original drummer Camille but the band hasn't let it bother them. Instead, they've gone back to a dear friend to fill that missing void, "We are extremely happy with the new drummer. He has been a friend for a long time. Even playing on the recording of 'Sleep On It'. It was all for the best".

All of this hard work is paying off for the band and they will be going full circle by doing a residency tour at Webster Hall Studio with a new local opening act every time. They'll be there February 18th, the 25th and March 4th trying out their new songs, playing around with some covers and really preparing their act to take on the road soon after once again.

Tv/Tv is definitely going to become a big name this year so catch them while you can. Their hard work is about to pay off and make sure you get a chance to see this amazing band live. You definitely won't regret it and let me know if you go to the upcoming residency! Lucky new yorkers!

Check out their music on their myspace.

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