Wednesday, February 10, 2010

May not be a supergroup to the mainstream eye, but to me they are!

They may not sound too familiar to the mainstream eye, you know to those fans of Jay Z, Ke$, is that all I can really think of that are on the radio right now? Jeez.

I'm not seeing this as a bad thing though because seriously if I did not start writing this blog and really exploring the music industry, I would not have found some of my favorite bands that I listen to today. I was trying to come up with some examples of pop super groups that you hear on the radio but really, I don't believe there are any.

In the underground though we have a bunch and one of the great ones coming out now is Isles & Glaciers which takes members like ex Chiodos front man Craig Owens, Emarosa's Jonny Craig (who also sang a few shows in Skylit), Vic and Mike Fuentes from Pierce The Veil, Matt Goddard also from Chiodos, Nick Martin from Underminded and finally Brian Southall from TREOS and puts them all in one band. They have officially announced the release of their first work together, the EP 'The Hearts of Lonely People' and I believe some tour dates are in the works.

Writing this article and listening to this band makes me sad to think how much good music and amazing lyrics and melodies about ninety percent of America is missing out on.

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