Monday, February 1, 2010

Point of View: What seems like the world versus Pete Wentz.

I was about to settle in for sleep when something caught my eye that finally was the flipping point for me. Over the last few months I have seen Pete attacked a million times over for being the reason Fall Out Boy was going on hiatus and finally I just had to have my say.

It seems like the general public just can't get over the fact that this indefinite hiatus Joe, Patrick, Andy and Pete find themselves on right now is looking like a dissolution of the band. Every band stops playing songs one day. No band has lasted forever (with an exception of The Rolling Stones!), every band will stop rocking and most of the time it's for the best. From what I've seen so far tonight and over the past few weeks, it seems like fans (hey I'm one too!) can't get over that. Fall Out Boy had an amazing run as a band and success that can't be disputed but since the hiatus started at the end of the Blink tour this past year, the boys have all been able to pursue some amazing projects.

Don't forget, every band can reunite, every band can get back together. This situation reminds me of when Blink 182 broke up and everyone blamed it on Tom. Look what happened, the band has come back together, did a huge reuniting tour and unlike most reunions, are actually back together, not just for a farewell tour. They are currently recording their new album and it will be on shelves this year.

I really think it's funny how the only people who don't seem to be pissed off are the press because we've been following these side projects and all probably couldn't be more excited about them. At least I think that way. I'll break it down for you:

Pete-Actually gets to enjoy being a father and a husband. Fall Out Boy, with the rare exceptions of recording new music, were constantly on the road for pretty much the last ten years. He also gets to focus on his record label Decaydance.

Joe-Is getting married to his long time fiancee and exploring so many different amazing projects. He did a week long radio show on Friends Or Enemies where he got to play the music he actually listened to and enjoyed. If you listened to this radio station, he would ask people to call in with questions or discussion topics and ninety percent of the time, it was all about Fall Out Boy this, fall out boy that and he was getting obviously annoyed. He also jumps into the studio with Andy tomorrow to start recording their first album as The Damned Things along with the lead singer of Every Time I Die, Keith Buckley. It is a heavy metal band that they have been wanting to do for a while and the music that they actually listen to themselves.

Andy-Gets to focus on his brand new band The Damned Things with Fall Out Boy band mate Joe Trohman and gets to work on FuckCity. Fuck City is an awesome campaign that he works on with his roommates who make up the heavy metal band Misery Signals. It's something you should definitely look out for!

Patrick-Patrick is writing and collaborating with some amazing musicians right now, including his amazing songwriting skills in the mix. He is also doing something that I think everyone is incredibly excited for and that is producing his own debut album and doing everything that goes along with it.

Learn that people do grow apart, and bands do break up but I like to believe that every time a band breaks up, five more amazing bands/things happen and already three are coming from this band. Check out the bands that have grown up listening to these guys and bands that are bringing something new to the table like these guys did so long ago. It was a great run boys!


  1. You have no idea how excited I am to listen to Patrick's new project! I simply love him. And dammit, I didn't know about The Damn Things! I'll definitely look up into that.


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