Wednesday, January 13, 2010

All time low..with Bongos!

Why are there so many good albums &EP's coming out this year? I keep on adding to my Newbury Comics purchase list and you should add this next selection to your's too: All Time Low's MTV Unplugged.

I've always been supportive of this band and even had the chance to sit down with Jack Barakat this past summer. They are the butt of a lot of peoples' jokes but honestly the music and the people themselves are very creative individuals and ones that haven't left each other's side since high school even when Alex Gaskarath wanted the band to be a Blink 182 cover band!

Something incredibly different and definitely a buying point is the use of bongos in liew of Rian's typical drum set and Alex breaking out the tambourine for Coffee Shop Soundtrack! These boys have been a strong force in the music scene and I believe, upon listening to this brand new EP and their live shows, will stay that way.
Another thing I liked is that they play a lot of their old tracks and those are the ones that get the biggest cheers!

You can check out the live stream here: but you should also pick it up at Hot Topic and Newbury Comics among much more (I'm rooting for physical record purchasing lately, can't you tell?) but you can also get it on iTunes!

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