Monday, January 11, 2010

New video from Motion City Soundtrack!

Here we go into what is supposed to be an amazing year of music! We're on the eve of the sophomore album release from Vampire Weekend "Contra" and there are lots more albums to follow that. We have the new NeverShoutNever, new Rocket Summer, new Alkaline trio and so much more but one that comes out just a week from tomorrow is Motion City Soundtrack!

In anticipation of the new album, their debut music video for the cd has just been released and it's for the track "Her Words Destroyed My Planet". I am a big fan of this video already. It consists of the band antagonizing what seems to be an elementary school science fair.Showing up all the kids in the science fair with human cloning and giant sized volcanos, they run through the aisles destroying the volcano projects and near the end of the video break out into a full on dance routine! Check out the video to see the end of the story, it's a shocking ending!

I tend to see this band as a more grown up version of the music we got from Fall Out Boy. Yes, it's classified as pop rock but the lyrics are very well written and on a different level then a lot of what the genre is bringing in with new bands right now. Take a look for yourself and pick up
"My Dinosaur Life" on January 19th! You can always check out the band on tour now :)

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