Thursday, January 28, 2010

Patrick Stump solo lie? This girl is in heaven.

So, confession time.

Every person has their musical influences and people they look up to, and completely fan out about. One of those people is Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy fame. Coming off a long day of interviews and rushing around and doing a million things, I came back to the tweet from Greta Morgan, former lead singer of The Hush Sound. The tweet was a link to and said that Patrick will be releasing his first debut album. He is recording, playing all the instruments, producing and singing everything on it and I could not be more excited for him. Patrick is one of the greatest songwriting talents I have ever seen and I could listen to his lyrics and voice all day. If I interviewed him about this project, It would be a milestone in my career for sure! Check out the video he just released below:

Patrick Stump - New Album Coming Soon from Patrick Stump on Vimeo.

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