Sunday, January 10, 2010

And Andpop does it again! This time? Gabe Saporta!

I always like to keep up on what other music industry people are doing and one of those sources that I always read/watch is AndPop! They are a great group of people out of Toronto who cover more than just the music aspect of pop culture and do it well!

Today they posted their new interview on youtube with Gabriel Saporta, the front man of the gorgeous group Cobra Starship. It is probably the most in depth and one of the only serious interviews I've seen with him and it's not a bad thing. Take a look at the interview and let me know what you personally think about it.

Like Jordan, I really hate the term "breakout artist" or "big break". There are so many bands that are classified as alternative that have just as big of a fan base as people who get a lot of play on mainstream radio. For example, this band has been selling out shows and tours since 2007 compared to bands who have been huge successes on the radio who play to sometimes miniscule crowds. Cobra Starship did spawn some pretty big hits on both mainstream charts and alternative charts with some singles off "Hot Mess" but they have seen plenty of success before this album which is what Gabe talks about most in this interview. Not having major success, but talking about the fans that have stuck with the band over the years being the closest to the heart and this is something he always talks about.

Personally, I like to think I can relate to what Gabe is talking about with the theory of loving a band and then when you find out someone else likes it or you go to a show and all you see is girls in flowered dresses and their moms (ahem Dead Man's Bones.), it sucks at first. I always wanted to hide my favorite bands from others because I wanted to keep their awesome skills to myself. Now that I've started writing about music though and have seen so many things like how it truly is behind the scenes of a show, and have met and talked to so many great artists, it's the opposite. Really now, I just feel lucky that I have a medium to talk about what I love most, and to really get the word out there for a lot of musicians.

Props to @andpop! You've done it again!

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