Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sixteen new songs for free from This Century!

Yesterday marked the first of sixteen brand new songs coming from the pop rock friendly band, This Century. Through the next four months, the Tempe, AZ based boys will be dropping one new song every week and at the end of every four weeks will be offering it as a free four song EP.

I've interviewed this talented quartet in the past during Montreal Warped Tour and it was definitely a memorable one. We learned how to say Beautiful in several languages to the amazing food that they had been having on catering. Since then, the boys have really made a name for themselves and this project they are doing will just make their following bigger. Who doesn't like free legal music? Already, I'm sold on "Money Honey" and there are still fifteen songs to come over the next four months. You can find the first on their purevolume account at

Take a chance on this band, it will definitely be worth it. Over this year I've realized how great the Tempe scene really is. It's produced several great acts lately like The Maine and The Word Alive, and now it's This Century's turn!

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