Wednesday, January 6, 2010

People's Choice Awards tonight!

To be perfectly honest, I'm a sucker for awards shows but tonight's? Not so much. I understand that it's awesome that it's fan voted and that's awesome but it can go two ways. People who actually deserve an award get beat by someone who is just a fad or (For example, Kristen Stewart beating out Rachel McAdams for Best female actress..really now?) people who have been working their butts off get forgotten because they aren't exactly all over the mainstream charts.

I follow people who I have interviewed in the past and there are a few in attendance tonight along with some favorites like Hayley Williams, Jack Barakat, Gabriel Saporta and they'll all be at the awards tonight but who thinks they'll actually get coverage on the red carpet or be one of those the camera focuses in on the audience? Cobra Starship will be performing at the show with I believe Nicole Schewerzinger doing "Good Girls Go Bad" so they may get some coverage but I'm pretty sure I'm in to be disappointed.

I am still hoping for a miracle tonight with Cobra up with Leighton Meister for best collaboration but they are up against some hardhitters. I'm actually hoping for the fans to vote for the fad artist tonight since it would be amazing to see a band I actually love win an award for once. They are up against several amazing nominees like the song "Lucky" by Colbie Caillat and Jason Mraz though! In honor of another chance for Gabe and the cobras to win tonight, here is the brand new Cobra Cam episode! I couldn't be more excited for this series to come back and they have been steadily putting out new videos with my personal favorite being the Christmas episode! So here goes, and it spotlights my favorite member of the band actually Mr. Nate Novarro on drums!

Watch tonight and come back here for hopefully the live feed like I did for the VMA's last year!

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