Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Catch two of Mix and Mark's favorite bands in one place tonight on UStream..TV/TV & The Envy!

I've been focusing on preparing for Warped Tour 2010 today and one of my favorite bands and interviews from 2009's tour is definitely TV/TV. I got the chance to sit down with former member Camille and current member Doc at the Montreal date of the tour, and their story was incredible.
They were invited to play the tour in its' entirety while they were still an unsigned band. Near the end of the tour, they got their break and were signed to Mom and Pop Records but they have still maintained the ways of a unsigned band really connecting with their fans, answering facebook messages, doing record updates and the best element in my eyes: having weekly Ustream chats on "Tv/Tv Tuesdays". Tonight, another interviewed band on Mix and Mark, The Envy will be joining the boys and you should definitely catch it!

It starts at nine at : http://www.ustream.tv/channel/tv-tv-show. I'll be there too, so hope to see Mix and Mark readers on the chat as well!

Watch out for both of these extremely talented young bands on your musical radar lovers!

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