Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Augustana, please just come back from The Rock Boat.

Maybe I'm just incredibly jealous of all the people who are lucky enough to be on a cruise where you can listen to Augustana and Green River Ordinance all day, but I just watched a video someone took on the boat of an acoustic version of "Sweet and Low" and it made me a crave a show even more.

I know the boys are currently working on their fourth album, and I am ecstatic for them about that album. Knowing that they still want to work with each other and put in the effort when just two short years ago they were extremely close to breaking up is incredible but I just want this band to come back on the road. Hopefully it will be sometime in 2010 and they'll come back to Boston soon and hopefully I'll be sitting down with them to talk about all the exciting things to happen but for now, I'll just have to whet my appetite with the video of their performance:

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