Sunday, January 3, 2010

Little Musical Tidbits!

This is a new daily column I'm starting up called Little Tidbits. Each day, I'll put together a little list of going ons in the music world that day so here we go:

  • Stephen Jerzak just put up a new song on his myspace! Known as a "myspace musician", he is very active on his myspace and is constantly putting up new songs and putting out new EP's. Right now you can find a great one called Lonely Hotel Room!
  • In a video chat with Garrett and Pat from the Maine tonight, they let it out that they won't be playing Warped this summer but look for some new touring plans as they also accidentally mentioned some of what next year is to bring for the band!
  • Treaty of Paris has released two of the tracks off of their upcoming ep 'Currents' on their myspace, including the track that shares my name!
These tidbits are just a little bit of what happens every day in music but I hope I can provide you some more tidbits within the next few days along with some upcoming album reviews (in video form!) and my choice for album of 2009!

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