Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Audition--Taking the energy wherever people will listen.

One thing I must say about The Audition is how hard their work ethic must be. The lead singer, Danny Stevens, who I was able to sit down with for an interview, is only twenty two yet they are on the verge of releasing their fourth full length studio album.

The band first formed back in 2003 with original member Ryan O'Connor. Since then their history as a band has been a little rocky but they have come extremely far through the process. Since they have been signed to Victory Records they have released three full length albums and have finished recording their fourth album to be released in Spring 2010.

Through their time as a band, they have been on the road pretty much constantly. They have both headlined tours and have opened for some very well known names. They have played at numerous festivals and have made many loyal fans along the way. Mainly starting in 2006, they have opened for acts like Jack's Mannequin, Silverstein, Mae, New Found Glory, Madina Lake and All Time Low amongst others and they have also headlined hugely successful tours. They have also had bouts on Vans Warped Tour, Bamboozle and Soundwave just to name a few.Currently they can be found playing as main support for the current Every Avenue headlining tour and right afterwards will be playing their own headlining tour "Revolution and Resolutions".

I got the chance to see the boys in action on one of their most recent tours where they were main support for Cobra Starship and their set was electrifying! The energy that Danny Stevens gives off during a live performance exhilarates the whole crowd even if you haven't heard of them before. In my recent interview with him, he even talked about how they always play their hearts out and switch up their sets to try to create an high energy set every time. A new change to their set could be their brand new cover "Livin' on a prayer" so watch out for it! This talented quartet tend to never disappoint with their live show and their enthusiasm for what they do!

You've toured with a lot of big names. If you could tour with any three other dream bands, who would they be?
The Avett Brothers, Jason Mraz and John Mayer.

Recently you took part in a acoustic showc
ase. How does the audience reaction differ from shows with the full band?
I absolutely love playing acoustic shows. It's such a different atmosphere from normal shows and I think it makes it special for me and especially the crowd! I'm able to interact on a more personal level during acoustic shows. It's much more intimate and different from a normal loud show where there is a lot of guitar and yelling.

Starting in a little over two weeks, you'll be on tour for a steady month and a half. Are there any cities you're particularly excited for?
We're always excited about playing Chicago, it's home to three of the dudes. I'm always excited to play my home Detroit and I think we can all agree that it will be nice to get out of the cold for a while and head out west to the LA and Socal area.

What's your favorite part of touring?
Being able to do what I love every night and that includes more than just playing music. It's meeting people, traveling, making friends. I particularly like the struggle of it. It makes you appreciate things so much more when they actually go your way.

What can fans expect at these dates?
A lot of variety within our set list. We definitely want to play some songs off of our new album "Great Danger" so expect that and just all in all a kick ass show. We try to never disappoint!

What was one of the first shows you went to as a kid?
It was New Found Glory, RX Bandits and H2O at the State Theater in Detroit. One of the best nights and concerts of my life!

Who are some of your bigger musical influences?
I really range. I'm huge into country music. I think there is so much talent in country and unlike a lot of other genres today, if you suck, you straight up don't do well. Country fans don't tolerate it, it's something you really have to strive for. I also love soul music and mo town. Something about it really strikes a chord with me.

Where do you find inspiration for your songs?
Just every day life. Song writing is the best therapy a person can have. You write everything down that is good or is bad on your life in your life and make it into something amazing. It's a great feeling!

How did the writing process for the new album compare to the last three?
I think all three processes have been pretty similar. By that, I mean that they've all been completely random. We definitely don't have a set way to write a song. It just kind of comes out and we don't stop until we are satisfied.

How do you think the new album "Great Danger" will compare to "Self Titled Album" sound wise?
I think we took elements from all three of our previous albums and put them into this album. We've got some fast, catchy poppy ones and we've also got some funky soulful songs. I don't think anyone will be disappointed by Great Danger. It's got something for everyone.

You can find more of the guys on their myspace here.

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