Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Naked Water Sliding and Mmmbop Karaoeking.

I recently had my first chance to catch one of the bands I've listened to for years for the first time when they went out with Hanson and Hellogoodbye did not dissapoint. When I heard that I would be getting to interview them prior, I saw an even better side of the band. Their sarcasm and wit while smiling the whole time and the way they interact with each other won me over. I talked to Forrest, Travis and Joe during the interview and they were one of the best interviews I have had in my career.

To see a little bit of their quirkiness and craziness that you may not always get to see, check out their brilliant tour video they just posted from the Use Your Soul tour that also featured Steel Train and Sherwood. From encouraging the zebra to just go for it to their genius rendition of Mmbop on karaoke that even includes Taylor from Hanson if you look carefully, you'll see that Hellogoodbye just wants to have fun! Check them out starting this month with New Found Glory, Fireworks and Saves The Day coming pretty much all over the country!

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