Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The newest addition to Fearless: Amely

Fearless Records have already been very busy in 2010 and have already signed two new bands to the label. The first being Go Radio and now Amely, the florida based pop punk quartet.

Playing their first show just in March 2009, the band's success is somehow unbelievable. In less then a year, they have been signed to a major label and have played some amazing shows. The most spectacular could be seen as the time when they traveled down to American Samoa in the South Pacific and played to over 8,000 fans singing their lyrics back to them. Tour veterans of three national tours and opening for bands like All Time Low and Red Jumpsuit Appartaus, the band is already used to the music industry and they did it all on their own with out a label so imagine what they can do now!

Check out their awesome EPK they have released that came with their announcement they were signing to fearless!:

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