Friday, January 15, 2010

Something a little out of the normal for me but I like it all the same: "Young Girl"

Country/Western is never really something I've covered on Mix and Mark thus far, but hey times are always changing. Especially when Dawn Landes isn't just country. Her music is a little more glam and new wave then any country I've heard before so she definitely brings something new to the table.

Here's her brand new video for her first single off Sweet Heart Radio that comes out on January 19th which coincidentally is when she'll be playing Club Passim right in Harvard Square. Club Passim is the same sick venue that I caught The Rescues at in August and one of my favorite little hideaway spots in the city. It's part of a vegan restaurant and during the show you can enjoy your dinner along with organically brewed brews. It's a fabulous little joint and I hope I can make it out!

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