Thursday, January 7, 2010

Meet Crash Kings: Our Interview!

Recently, I got the chance to come out to the winter Rooney tour to watch Crash Kings heat up the crowd for the rest of the night! Their set was electrifying and something I don't think even the crowd was expecting.

Unfortunately, the idea of a three piece rock band is becoming a skeptical idea but that night, that image and stereotype got proven wrong. A live performance by this band is fantastic and something that cannot be missed. With the mix of piano, drums and bass, it was definitely something that made the crowd dance and tap their feet. It was a real rock show and something I haven't had the chance to see lately! It was also a hometown show for the band so there was definitely a following and a welcoming in the audience!

Crash Kings formed in 2006 in Los Angeles and quickly got signed to Custard/Universal Motown records where they released their self titled debut effort in May 2009. Touring with artists like Chris Cornell, Rooney and Stone Temple Pilots, they have grown quite a following and it will only get bigger! Luckily, I got the chance to sit down with Tony for a quick interview in their dressing room only a few minutes after their set before he celebrated with his family and friends who were in abundance that night! It was very loud during the interview since we were directly next to the stage where the next band, Tally Hall was playing but we were still able to have a decent interview for sure! We talked about how it is to work with his brother to the songwriting process the band goes about!

I know you and your brother have been in a few bands together. Was it tough at first having your brother always there?
Aw, you know. We argued a lot, figuring stuff out but now it's like this awesome connection in the band we have now. It's awesome to be able to play with your brother. It's really cool!

The new album only came out in May. How has the reception been so far?
Awesome. We've been getting radio play all over the country. We're seeing more of a crowd come out because of touring and stuff like so that so it's been good.

How do you go about the songwriting process. Is it just one person or is it more of a collective effort?
I usually write most of the music and then we arrange together as a band. So that's usually how we go about most of the songs. Sometimes Michael and I write a song together but mainly I write most of the music.

Who would you say are some of your bigger influences, maybe personally or as Crash Kings?
Queen, Led Zeppelin, Elton John, Radiohead, stuff like that. Black Sabbath, Frank Sinatra, Carly Simon.

Where do you get your inspiration for songs from?

What were some of the first shows you went to as a kid?
Live? REM, Allman Brothers, Beck, Neil Young, Neil Diamond.

If you were to collaborate with any other band on this tour, who would it be and what would the song be about?
Rooney and..the song would be about, um, clowns.

I know you said you're playing the great scott in February but are there any other future music plans we can look forward to?
That's sort of, uh, to be determined. We won't be back any time before then, if we do make that one. The plans are kind of up in the air.

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