Friday, January 22, 2010

Relient K opening for Paramore? It works for me!

The award has been given to the tour I'm most excited for so far in this year but hey, that will probably change every week.

For now though, it's the brand new Paramore spring tour that was just announced. We may not know the dates yet nor the markets they'll be playing but we do know are the opening acts, and this is where I'm not so happy. Relient K and FUN will be opening for the length of the tour. It's not that I don't like these bands, I LOVE these bands and will be traveling to get to this show if they don't make it to Boston. What bothers me is that Relient K is opening. Matthiew Thiessen and the rest of the gang have been working farther back then I can remember and have had many successful headlining tours.
Age may just be a number, all of the props in the world to Paramore but this is becoming way too common of a theme. For example, Relient K has been around the scene for an abundent amount of records, including their latest release coming out just late 2009 and it's the same story with the upcoming A Day To Remember headlining tour. It's A Day To Remember, August Burns Red, Silverstein and Enter Shikari. A Day To Remember used to open for Silverstein on so many tours and now the band isn't even main support. They're going on their tenth year together as a band and it's unbelievable to see.

Still check out both tours though. The dates for the Paramore tour haven't been annouced yet, but I'll be out at the Boston date of the ADTR tour on April 12th! See you at both hopefully!

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