Thursday, January 21, 2010

& Chicago does it again!

I really don't know how it took me so long to take a good listen to the next featured band on this blog, but luckily I finally have. I've heard AM Taxi's name a lot lately, with the band playing Warped Tour for the whole thing this summer and opening for a band that's a good friend of mine in Treaty of Paris. It may also be because the chicago scene has had so much success over these last few years and has become a powerhouse, but AM Taxi definitely are a stand out band.

Only a week or so ago, they released their first official music video for "The Mistake", and along with being a great music video with an awesome symbolic message and great footage of the band in action, I really fell in love with the lyrics and they are already stuck in my head. The main line of the chorus reads "I will be your razor, baby. I will be the pill, I'll be the ambulance that never comes, the antidote that you spill" and instantly hits a part of your heart and has some obvious symbolism to it. It's like the theory from Music&Lyrics, you either love the melody or love the lyrics and I'm definitely a lyrics kind of girl so these guys are in like flint with me.

AM Taxi - The Mistake

AM Taxi (Angels+Kings Jan 20 w/ Treaty) | MySpace Music Videos

Check out more of their music on myspace and add them to their list of must-sees on Warped tour. It will be worth it, promise!

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  1. It's too bad you hadn't picked up on AM Taxi sooner. Their stuff is superior, it's global! These guys are all experienced with the scene. Their music is based from a collection of styles over a number of decades. As their song writer Krier is not only a musician he is this generation's poet. He lives the lyrics. The best news is we will see and hear much more from AM Taxi!