Monday, June 8, 2009

Artist of the week...and it isn't just the treaty that ended the war.

With a  group that performs  such great lyrics as, "There's so much to say about the roles we play, and there's so much at stake, I want you in the worst way," have the craziest personalities I have seen, and aren't afraid to play a little dress up for the holidays (as seen above!), the boys of Treaty of Paris are sure to make fans where ever they go!

I first saw these boys at a show here in Montreal, when they were on tour with Jack's Mannequin and FUN, where they put on a great show to a tough audience, but quickly the audience loosened up and they definitely warmed up the crowd! When I found out they were fellow Chicago people, it made it even better! These guys are musical geniuses, even though it may not seem that way from their outfits of choice, but hey, they are just selling the merchandise! They also know how to have fun as can be seen in their video blogs of tour, random moments from way way back in the day, say oh 2007 and even more! I posted a favorite at the end of this article! They have toured with some of my favorite acts out there, including the amazing Meg and Dia, Andrew McMahon, a past member of the Format who are a favorite indie classic of mine amongst others!

You can more of their music here where they have posted some new songs, LOVE Elvis Lives and hopefully will be on tour soon again! If you are in the Chicago area, you can catch them at Schuba's very soon, but for the rest of us, I hope we are lucky enough to have them come on tour once again!


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