Sunday, June 14, 2009

I'm a sucker for live music, but clearly most of you already know that!

This past weekend, a friend of my sister's was down and her being a music freak like me, we sat down after a few and listed our top favorite bands. Both of us agreed that we could never list them by number, you know the whole scale of number one favorite till how many numbers (I think for me, it would be around 100). I used to always say Augustana and they are a definite favorite but quickly, through the process of starting up and writing this blog, I have come across so many amazing musicians and bands that I could never rate them in order, I just have favorites.

But to the point of this story. I strongly believe in the idea that if you like a band, you will always love them a whole lot more once you see them live. At first, I didn't believe this idea at all. I've grown up, here comes a secret, being dragged to a country music festival every year with my parents and up until a few years ago, I had never been to a concert that wasn't country until about January 2007 where I saw one of my favorite bands Augustana play with a great supporting act I've talked about on here before, Vega 4. At the time, I was very disappointed in the show that Augustana put on. They were at a a dark point, on the verge of a break up and the show was very down in emotion. I didn't listen to them for a while and decided to give them another chance back in not this past May but last and my view was completely changed and now the love is a lot bigger as the theory goes! The second video below is the beautiful singer who I was at first extremely disappointed in but after seeing his amazing transformation once his little girl was born as his inspiration, my faith was quickly restored as cheesy as it sounds!

Another band that is amazing live is Jack's Mannequin. Andrew McMahon, the lead singer and the lad who writes most of the songs they sing is an amazing performer who jumps on his piano, throws paper airplanes into the crowd and pies his manager on stage on his birthday! They are two of my definite favorites and seeing how both will be touring this fall into the winter, along with Jack's Mannequin currently on tour with the Fray, I thought I would put up some videos from their live shows in Montreal as the video(s) of the week. Enjoy! You can find more of the sweet southern rock tunes of Augustana here and the sad but amazingly written California rock songs of Jack's Mannequin here. Hopefully, I'll be seeing you at their next shows in lovely Montreal or maybe even on our hopeful road trips to see them if they are playing out of town!

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