Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Video of the Week, Not Weak Edition..I don't even know.

In celebration of All Time Low's new album 'Nothing Personal' dropping on Tuesday, and the fact that I haven't updated this blog in a while, I thought I would post a little bit on Rian, Zach, Jack and Alex of All Time Low. These boys have been a personal favorite and definite guilty pleasure since I saw them for the first time only a short two months ago while working for Cobra Starship in Montreal on the tour and with some of the bands I tend to talk most about on here. They know how to start the party in their live shows, are hilarious and can really make a show happen!

Recently, they did a skit for MTV where they got kidnapped by a few girls and their ransom? The reason the band couldn't leave? Supposedly, the girls had the only copy of their masters for their brand new third full length album dropping this Tuesday! Luckily, the boys got to escape when the girls discovered (via trending topics on twitter of course) that the album was leaked, thus the boys had no need to worry. They could just rip their own leaked album! Lucky ducks!

You can actually find the full album streaming for free on MTV's Buzzworthy Blog, an awesome read. Unfortunately, it's only an option in the US right now, which may be unfortunate for some of you guys since a lot of my readers lately are from Canada and the UK but just wait till Tuesday, believe me it's worth it! Along with their latest singles off of the album, Weightless and Damned If I Do, they once again do not disappoint and I can't wait to see them on their (hopefully) supporting tour for the album!

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