Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm a terrible person..

...but lately my addiction to southern Californian rock is just being enabled more and more by some great bands carrying this sound lately. The latest being a band I have listened to for a while, seems like they have been producing music for way more then the two albums they have done (with a third one on the way as we speak!). This band, fronted by Robert Schwartzmann, is Rooney. A band that I have covered before on this blog, I never have bad things to see about their music and themselves.
It is a group of honestly spoken, talented gentleman who never fail to disappoint, and one example of that is the lead singer Robert's video diary update blogs he's been doing since their career started and luckily he posted one last night. It was clearly action packed and he was just hanging out with his best friend. Jason, his brother? Ned? Louie? Taylor?

Nope to all the above:

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