Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Newpage..the sweetest rappers in Italy.

Never did I think I would come across rappers from Italy as a early music favorite, but it happened and it's Newpage

The two boys who make up this rap duo are charming, talented, and slowly becoming a common name as they recently dropped their first EP! They are sure to become very popular very soon and I hope to hear more new music coming from them and maybe even a show?

I recently sat down with the guys via the inter webs with everything on the table from having an amazing classic musician as one of their top albums of 2009 to who would they most love to tour with if they could do the choosing:

How did you come up with the name Newpage? Has it always been that?

The name Newpage about because first we were making music for fun and people loved it and they always said why not make music for real, so we stopped making music for fun and we started making music for real. With this, we moved to the next level and that's how the name Newpage came out.

What is, in your opinion, the top album of 2009 thus far?
We think Chris Cornell's 'Scream' and Florida's 'R.O.O.T.S'.

How do you go about the song writing process? Does one person write the lyrics or is it more of a collective effort?
It's a collective thing, we all bring our ideas to the table and then the magic happens.

Who are your major musical influences?
God and life.

Who would be your three dream acts to tour with?
Kanye West, Coldplay and Akon.

Who are you listening to at the moment?
At the moment, there are so many good acts, from Kid Cudi to Chris Cornell, Kanye West, Akon, Lil Wayne, K'Naan, Gorilla Zoe, The Script, Coldplay, U2.

Do you ever play covers? If so, which songs?
No, but we would love to cover Kid Cudi's 'Day and Night.

What are you up to right now, music wise?
We are in the studio every day working on our debut album!

What's the most unusual place you have ever played or recorded at?
In the beginning, we used to record in our wardrobe!

What's your favorite treat?
We can never get enough of Kit Kat's, they are the best!

Any last words?
Our EP 'Coming Home' will be out on iTunes and in other major online stores in late May (They are up and ready to go!). Every one's support is needed, for more on us, you can check out our myspace page . Our clothing line will be out soon so stay tuned!!

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