Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Can't STOP the Movement.

When I got a link to 'Episode 1' by the movement, I knew I was in for a treat. These guys are hilarious and after only being together since January, they already have over 100,000 fans, have played a total of three shows and yet are still touring with and friends of huge artists like A Rocket to the Moon and Cash Cash, both of whom will be playing the Warped Tour. These guys are quickly growing into a personal favorite and are definetly going to be big in radio play on your radios very soon!
I was lucky enough to get the chance to do an interview with these guys and everything was on the table from the amazing treats fans have given them to how they go about the songwriting process (it's fancy!) : 

Why did you pick 'The Movement' for the name of your band? Has it ever changed before?
When picking our name, we really wanted a "brand" ...something easy to remember and very distinguishable. We wanted something that described our songs and how we wanted to make people "move" to our music. After narrowing down a long list of names with our manager, we settled on the Movement! It hasn't changed in the three months we've existed :)

What's your favorite album of 2009 thus far?
We have really gotten into a lot of music in 2009...studying all types of music and trying to learn something from each one. Based on song writing, my (predictable) favorite has been Taylor Swift's album Fearless. We're also huge fans of Cash Cash's debut album 'Take It To The Floor'...those guys are good friends of ours, but this is a unbiased opinion! The production, hooks..brilliant. 

How do you go about the songwriting process? Does one person write the lyrics or is it more a collective group thing?
We've developed a pretty strategic process for song writing...we like to target everyone's abilities and involve all four of us throughout the entire song. One of us will come up with a hook or an idea and we'll program the ideas then bring it to our practice space and develop the song together, 'trimming the fat' and setting the hooks. For the most part Brendan (our lead singer) writes our lyrics, but we all have a hand in the final decision...but if one person in particular is lyrically inspired for a song, it's usually best to follow their ideas. 

Who are your major musical influences?
Like I mentioned before, we really try to study all genres of music and learn what works with each, but we take a lot of strong influence from artists including: Justice, Cobra Starship, Daft Punk, Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson. 

If you could choose any three acts to tour with, who would they be?
We would love to get on tour with either Cash Cash or A Rocket To the Moon...There's nothing like being on the road with good friends and I'm sure a tour with either would be amazing! However, a bigger tour with Cobra Starship or Paramore would be great for us. We admire their work. 

Who are you listening to at the moment?
Currently listening to Katy Perry--Thinking of you...phenomenal song!

Do you guys ever play any covers? If so, which ones?
We do not currently have any cover songs in our set, but we dabbled with the idea of incorporating Michael Jackson--Thriller..we shall see!

What are you guys up to music-wise at the moment?
Right now we are writing and recording a few more songs for release. As some may know, we produced two of the songs on our EP ("Can't Stop" and "What You're Here For")and will be producing a few new songs in the next month. 

What's the weirdest place you guys have recorded at or performed a show at?
Well we have only played three shows so far and none of them were very unusual, but we recorded two of our songs in Brendan's old bedroom!

What's your favorite treat?
We can appreciate some good snacks/treats... we have some awesome fans that bake us cookies, brownies, and cakes and bring them to shows! We're also big into beef jerky and mountain dew :)

Any last words?
We're really excited to have the support and overwhelming positive response we've had so far in such a short amount of time ... we appreciate all of our fans so far and can't wait to see where we can go!

You can find more of these guys music here
and you should definetly check out their first episode which involves some splurging!

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