Saturday, June 6, 2009

Video of The Week (not Weak)

These videos aren't really of the week, should change that. It's when I find one I love or something undiscovered until now. 
For those of you who have known me for a while, it's no contest who my favorite band is, Augustana. One thing I really love about them is their tour diaries and unlike many other acts, they don't use their own music as the soundtrack. For these videos, they choose a song from an artist they are really liking at the moment. One of their videos used an amazing song by Ryan Adams called 'Answering Bell' by Ryan Adams. I've been looking everywhere for this song,who sang it, all the good little details and I finally did, and sadly enough, I am overjoyed. 
Here it is along with one of the Augustana tour diaries from a tour awhile back while they were opening for Maroon 5 in late 2008, just after finishing their headlining tour when I last saw them. 
They will also be going back on tour very very soon, and releasing a new album :)

The song by Ryan Adams is amazing, and even has backup vocals from the legend Mr. Elton John :)

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