Monday, June 15, 2009

Giving a little love, even though it's a quickie!

The amazing, from left to right, Nick Fonzi, Chris Insidioso, Mike Chorvat, Phil Kosch and Dan Wade who make up Treaty of Paris are rocking Summerfest soon on Saturday, June 27th as the main opener for the amazing, classic, historic Our Lady Peace! This is huge and of course I expect a video blog. Come on, Phil! Better get on that! I've talked about these bundles of joy a lot on here and I actually got inspired to finally start this little project of mine that has always been a dream after their show with Jack's Mannequin in Montreal last November! Glad to see that since tour, they have been playing with a few huge players like the Academy Is, The Spill Canvas, Dashboard Confessional and now Our Lady Peace!

And a little addition, since I'm all about the videos today, one of Mike's finer moments and his favorite types of pie at last year's warped tour. It's pretty much a classic:

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